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Pastor Julie Blum has been the pastor of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church since July of 2002.  She is originally from Kennewick, WA with most of her extended family still living in Eastern Washington.  She did her under graduate work at Pacific Lutheran University and received her Masterís of Divinity at Luther Seminary, in St. Paul Minnesota.  Before moving to Seattle she served as Associate Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Boise, Idaho.  Pastor Blum enjoys spending time with her daughter, gardening and traveling.  In 2013 she was privileged to receive a grant from the Lily Endowment Fund to take a three month sabbatical, traveling to Scotland, Ireland, Hawaii and the Oregon Coast.

by Pastor Julie Blum

September 2010 message PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julie Blum   

As you know, we are in the process of considering a request that we received asking us to host Tent City for 90 days starting at the end of November 2010. We have spent months talking about this, offering meetings, tours and educational materials. We have asked you to pray and to listen for the voice of God.  Itís been an interesting time and emotions are high. We have received some angry communication from some neighbors who are upset that we are even considering this request. But we also have received some supportive communications from other neighbors stating they are proud of us for considering this request and asking how they can help. The mood in the neighborhood seems to be quite mixed.....

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August 2010 message PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julie Blum   


You may recall that last month I wrote on the topic of evangelism because it had been on my heart and mind quite a bit recently. Well, itís still there. So much so that I recently ordered six books on the topic and plan on taking some time to just sit down and devourer them all.  Iím currently reading Simply Strategic Growth: Attracting a Crowd to Your Church. While itís intended for really large congregations it still has some good things to say. The book that Iím really looking forward to is the one with the fun title ďTen Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing.Ē The picture on the cover is a church sign with a shrub growing over the service time.....
July 2010 message PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julie Blum   


The topic of Evangelism has been on my heart and mind quite a bit recently. Our Evangelism Team (E-team) has dwindled to one member. And while the ministries that team started are still in existence itís getting more and more difficult to keep them running. This is why Iíve been thinking about evangelism and how we can do it here at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church.

            So, how can we do evangelism? Well, the first step, ...

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