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Written by Julie Blum   

 You may recall that back in November of 2014 we adopted a new Strategic Plan to help guide the mission and ministry of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. Most of the tasks on the plan come with date goals in which specific items are to be reached.  I would like to share with you the seven items that include a date of 2015.  Please keep in mind that there are many more items on the Strategic Plan, some that don’t have completion dates on them at all or are ongoing in nature.  For the ones I have listed below, you’ll note that some are done while others only have four more months to be completed.  We need YOUR help to make that happen....

 1.      Identify a group or individual on Property Committee to oversee/advise regarding “green”/sustainability decisions. (sponsored by Property Committee, 2015)

2.      Create more storage through discarding, cleaning & organizing areas throughout church building. (sponsored by Property Committee, 2015)

3.      Identify/implement welcoming strategies for visitors & new members. (2015, Sponsored by Family Ministry & Community Connections Task Force.)

4.      Participate in/utilize the established community interchurch network to help meet community needs. (2015, sponsored by Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2), Community Connections Task Force.)

5.      Provide leadership/mentoring program for executive and committee leaders. (2015, sponsored by Church Council.)

6.      Establish a framework/team for prioritizing, coordinating all of the church’s programs/activities, including MC2. (Community Connections Task Force) (2015, sponsored by Church Council.) .)= THIS GOAL HAS BEEN BEGUN AND IS IN A TRIAL PHASE.

7.      Establish a Finance Committee to plan and provide oversight for the church’s fiscal management. (2015, sponsored by Church Council.)= THIS GOAL HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED!


Please note who the sponsoring group is for each task.  These are the group of folks who have been tasked with overseeing that particular goal and assuring that it is completed in a timely manner.  If you can help out with one of these seven items please contact the sponsoring group. (Ask me if you don’t know who is on that committee or group.) Ask them when their next meeting is and plan on attending, bringing this task to the agenda of the meeting.  These groups need help and we need to help them.

If you’d like to learn more about our whole Strategic Plan, you can see the whole Strategic Plan posted around church or on our website

 under the “About Us” tab and then by clicking on “Mission.”  Alternatively, feel free to contact me and I will email you or send you your very own copy.

Let’s keep this new Strategic Plan on our radar in all that we do.  And let’s remember our Mission Statement:  “In Christ we love and serve God and our community.”

May all we do be done for the glory of God. 

Yours in Christ, Pastor Julie Blum

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