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Written by Julie Blum   

 As the Stewardship Committee asks you to contemplate your financial giving for 2016, I am reflecting on all we do here at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church with the resources you give.  We do so much and are so much to many, many people both here at church, in the community and around the world. We could not do all we do without YOU; you who give your time, your skills and your financial resources....  


  • We could not be a SHARE shelter site that hosts 20 homeless people 365 nights a year in our church basement, every night from 9pm to 8pm.  We could not offer them a warm, safe place with showers and occasional meals.
  • We could not have such a wonderful Parking Plaza for us to use, not only to park in, but for previous events like Oktoberfest, National Night Out, and hosting Tent City.
  • We could not offer educational classes like English as a Second Language, Sunday School, Confirmation, Bible Studies and Adult Forum.
  • We could not have such wonderful worship services full of beautiful music, powerful prayer, the sacraments, and the Word of God.
  • We could not give back to our community through the Lake City Holiday Project and the Lake City After School Program that supports and encourages so many families with hope and joy.
  • We could not be a center for spiritual growth, encouraging each other in our spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible reading, worship, giving and service. 
  • We could not be a safe, welcoming place for so many in our community who come through our doors every week.  
  • We could not be the community of love and support that we are, who pray for one another, uplift one another and reflect the love of Christ to each other. 
  • We could not be beacons of the love and grace of Christ in our community and neighborhood, sharing the good new of forgiveness and new life.
  • We could not support our national church body of the EvangelicalLutheranChurch in America and all the amazing ministries they do around the world.
  • We could not be the great group of volunteers we are in the community, doing what we do out of sheer love of God.
  • There are so many things that we do here that are only done because YOU give so much.  This is in no way even a complete or all-inclusive list!

So, thank you!  Thank you, people of MapleLeafLutheranChurch!  For without you, MapleLeafLutheranChurch would not exist.  The proclamation of Jesus Christ would be a little quieter here in North East Seattle.  The good news would not be told in the grace filled way it is told through the people of MapleLeafLutheranChurch.

Letís continue to be generous in our giving, bold in our actions and loving in our words.  In Christ, Pastor Julie Blum


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