Sermon Series: Are Lutherans Radicals?
Written by Julie Blum   

Perhaps we donít think of Lutherans as very radical people. Especially if when we think about Lutherans all we think about are potlucks, organ music and Garrison Keillor. But Martin Luther, and subsequently Lutheran theology, has some radical things to say about ecology, the economy, education, financial institutions, government, political leadership and social assistance.  As we celebrate the 500 anniversary of the Reformation this October, join us for a sermon series on Lutheran Radicals and Radical Lutherans. As an added bonus SPACE FROG will return, asking all sorts of questions about Reformation history!

Here is who we will be hearing about in the sermons:

October 1 = Martin Luther

October 8 = Soren Kierkegaard

October 15 = Dietrich Bonhoeffer

October 22 = Dorothee Soelle

October 29 = Reformation Skit by our Confirmation Students