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Written by Julie Blum   

Be an active part of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church and be a part of a community that matters and does the work of Christ.  God's Work. Our Hands. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 January 2019 )
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Written by Julie Blum   

Mission Statement
In Christ we love and serve God and our community.

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Maple Leaf Lutheran Church is a diverse, empowered, welcoming and growing congregation. We are strengthened through worship, holy communion, prayer and study. We use our energy, baptismal promise and spiritual gifts to joyfully serve God, actively meeting the needs of the local and global communities.

2015- 2020 Strategic Plan of MapleLeafLutheranChurch

(Approved by Congregation on November 16, 2014)


Spiritual Growth/Health

• Provide a variety of worship services, spiritual opportunities

• Assure the opportunity for prayer, bible study, small group activities, e.g. fellowship groups, Lenten soup suppers and opportunities to provide service to others.

• Increase lay ministry options/training as opportunities arise

(All are ongoing & sponsored by the Worship and Education Committees)


Church Building & Property:

Short-term Plans: (sponsored by the Property Committee.)

• Focus on safety & functionality issues, ADA access, prevention of water leaks & damage. (ongoing)

• Identify a group or individual on Property Committee to oversee/advise regarding “green”/sustainability decisions. (2015)

• Create more storage through discarding, cleaning & organizing areas throughout church building. (2015)

•Explore use of roller doors for kitchen pass-through windows to cut noise from dishwashing during events. (2016)

•Research options to provide transportation for our elderly/disabled to church that meet ADA recommendations. (2016)

Long-range plans (All to be completed by 2020 & sponsored by the Property Committee)

•Paint church exterior.  (Work toward goal of one side per year.)

•Explore heating options/install a new heating system.

• Replace signage inside and outside facility-explore use of kiosks,  new reader board

• Explore feasibility of solar panels on south-facing roof.

•Upgrade the kitchen.

• Evaluate safety of church building relative to seismic activity, need for any electrical and sewer repairs/upgrades


Congregational Programming

• Identify/implement welcoming strategies for visitors & new members. (2015, Sponsored by Family Ministry & Community Connections Task Force.)

•Explore interest in offering outings/other programs for seniors. (2016, Sponsored by Family Ministry & Community Connections Task Force.)

Focus on programming for children (birth-grade school), youth (middle-high school) and family activities. (2018, sponsored by Education, Family Ministry, Worship, Community Connections Task Force

• Provide social events e.g. dinners, activities for mixed ages, theatrical, music, game events.  Utilize the parking plaza for social events/fundraising activities. (2020, Sponsored by Family Ministry & Community Connections Task Force.)

• Explore fundraising opportunities from parking plaza use e.g. community-hosted events, parking for Microsoft/Children’s Hospital employees or other groups. (2020, sponsored by Property/Finance Team.)

• Prioritize/host neighborhood events in the parking plaza e.g. National Night Out, picnics, festivals, sports activities, garage/rummage sales, bicycle events, music events. (2020, sponsored by Community Connections Task Force.)



Missional Outreach

• Continue our commitment to SHARE by providing nightly shelter & support.

  • Continue our leadership/participation in the Lake City Holiday Project

•Continue our role in green/sustainability projects e.g. Meadowbrook Garden & Orchard and support projects that encourage these values.

•Participate in/utilize the established community interchurch network to help meet community needs. (2015)

(All Ongoing, sponsored by Meadowbrook Community CARE (MC2), Community Connections Task Force.)


Financial Stewardship

• Identify endowment fund options that can be used to fund/reduce church debt/expenses. (2018, sponsored by Endowment & Finance Committees.)

•Explore and expand options for planned giving e.g. life insurance, IRAs, etc. (2018, sponsored by Finance Committee.)

•Develop financial plans for:

-paying down the parking lot

-funding church repairs

-funding congregational programming

-funding missional outreach

(2020, sponsored by Finance Committee.)


Congregational Leadership/Organization

• Provide leadership/mentoring program for executive and committee leaders. (2015, sponsored by Church Council.)

  • Establish a framework/team for prioritizing, coordinating all of the church’s programs/activities, including MC2. (Community Connections Task Force) (2015, sponsored by Church Council.)

• Establish a Finance Committee to plan and provide oversight for the church’s fiscal management. (2015, sponsored by Church Council.)

• Improve the communication of committee activities to the congregation. (2016, sponsored by Church Council.)

• Seek consultation from the Synod and others to recommend changes that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative activities at MLLC. (2020, sponsored by Church Council.)



• Continue use of current technologies e.g. personal interaction, written documents e.g. CrossRoad, bulletin, emails, possible small group “communication trees” to transmit information and establish relationships among member. (Ongoing, sponsored by Church Council.)

• Create more visibility within the community for MLLC programs & activities through social media (e.g. twitter, instagram, Google docs/Google drive), developing enhanced website capabilities. (e.g. make it mobile-device friendly) and expanding visual options e.g. kiosk in parking plaza, new reader board. (2018, Church Council to appoint a task force to explore these issues.)

•Use on-line surveys to keep current with congregation and community needs. (2020, sponsored by Family Ministry/Education/MC2 & Community Connection Team.)


•Explore expansion of the church’s sound system to enhance its capabilities e.g. capture worship for broadcast on the web. (2020, sponsored by Worship/Finance.)

Last Updated ( Friday, 09 January 2015 )
Mission Statement PDF Print E-mail
Written by peaceout   
The Mission of Maple Leaf Lutheran Church is: In Christ we love and serve God and our community.
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