History of MLLC
Written by peaceout   

maple treeMaple Leaf Lutheran Church was first incorporated in 1946 at the present location on 32nd Northeast. It was directly across the street from Maple Leaf Elementary School and so took the name Evangelical Lutheran Church at Maple Leaf School.

The first September service had 18 people attending and 8 pupils in Sunday School and by early 1947 rose to 50 attendees and work on construction of the church and the parsonage began The church building was dedicated in November 1948 with 155 members at that time.

In the early 1950's a live broadcast on radio was done of our church service in the Seattle area and such things as  new paraments were  made, the altar guild was formed, a day nursery was instituted and plans were begun for the remodel of the Sanctuary in the late 50's. The fellowship that we enjoy to this day after the service was begun in 1957.

A second lot was purchased in 1960 for the new Sanctuary and our monthly newsletter, "The Crossroads" appeared for the first time in 1962 and our first Youth Director was instituted in 1965. A church bowling team was a mainstay of that period.

The 1970's brought the first church sponsored sex education class to Maple Leaf along with a new pipe organ and the installation of headphones in the pews. Bowling was strong and a girls basketball team was formed. Three women's circles were going strong and a lot of volunteer work was taking place all through this period including rolling bandages out of used sheets for Mission Hospital Overseas. The parsonage was sold and the first mortgage was burned in a special ceremony. .And the "Tap Root Players" appeared for the first time.

The 1980's brought some changes as usual  and as the 1980's begun a period of social concerns in the new adult forum and the young adults meetings along with an overall emphasis with getting in touch our families was at the forefront.  Mother daughter dinners, emergency feedings, and the prayer tree was established in 1982. A new church constitution was ratified in 1984 and pastor Jon Nelson was installed in late 1984. In the latter 80's discussion was begun about acquiring the lot where Maple Leaf school had been for extra parking and Karl Fritschel organized the Readers Theatre and the Maple Leaf Players. The "Search" bible study continued and Carolyn Martin wrote her first article for the Cross Roads. A color pictorial  directory was created and a new sound system was installed and the choir performed the Vivaldi "Gloria". In 1988-89 our first intern was brought in and the North End Helpline Concert was first performed as a benefit

The 1990's were celebrated with the John Rutter "Gloria" presented by our choir and our 50th anniversary concert and celebration in 1996. Also it was marked by a trip of the Silver Maples to see the Mt. St. Helens area as well as a whole series of trips by Silver Maples and new adult bible study along with a new phase of construction on the church organ. The midweek Lenten services became popular additional study classes began from pastor Nelson who was granted time to work on continuing studies.

Since then many, many things have happened here at Maple Leaf.  Come check us out to see how God is alive and active in our midst.

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